At a Glance…

Established in 1997, the Egyptian Kuwaiti Real Estate& Touristic Investment CO. is a leading real estate developer with a rapidly growing portfolio of prestigious projects in Egypt.
The company is recognized for its ability to provide a wide range of real estate services, from best-in-class residential and commercial properties to luxurious resorts and hotels.

The company’s reputation is built on the leadership and entrepreneurial vision of its founder Seif El-Din Heikal, a well-known engineer with decades of experience in the real estate and tourism development industries.

The company’s philosophy of integrity, commitment, and timely delivery has propelled it into the top tier of development firms.

Our Projects

The Egyptian Kuwaiti Real Estate & Touristic Investment CO. is a sister company of five other companies operating in the fields of real estate development, tourism investment, contracting and consultancy under the leadership of Engineer Seif El-Din Heikal: Mediterranean Contracting CO.; Orient Touristic Development Co.; United For Real Estate Leasing; Elettihad for Real Estate & Touristic Development; ASA Consultants.

Together with its sister companies, the Egyptian Kuwaiti Real Estate & Touristic Investment CO. has developed a dynamic portfolio of properties over the past years. With more projects and opportunities on the horizon, the company plans to build up on its track record of development achievement.